There is nothing like a classic Greek Salad with Homemade Greek Salad Dressing in the middle of the summer heat – or any time of year, for that matter. This salad is so easy to make that my kids whipped it up one evening for our supper! This is a great recipe to get kids in the kitchen and learning how to cook – or in this case, learning how to prepare a cold, healthy salad for supper!

Greek Salad with Homemade Greek Salad Dressing
Greek Salad with Homemade Greek Salad Dressing

Greek Salad For a Healthy Supper

This Greek Salad was supper for everyone ( except the Rose of course who hasn’t yet accepted olives into her list of foods she’ll eat) but both kids made this while Mike and I sat outside and relaxed on the deck. So forgive the fact that the slices of vegetables aren’t perfect, or that the dressing might not have been perfectly mixed. The kids might have only fought 6-7 tines, dropped olives on the floor and generally made everything more hilarious, but they DID end up making the salad and it was great!

How do you make a real Greek Salad?

Real Greek salad is far simpler than we make it here in America. An authentic Greek salad has a simpler dressing than I tend to make, it’s simply olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper. I have also seen the oregano left out. Like most Mediterranean foods that we make here in North America, we seem to make them over complicated than they really are. I could expand on that, but let’s settle for the fact that we tend to take recipes from the Old World and add all sorts of changes.

Homemade Greek Salad Dressing Drizzled on Greek Salad
Homemade Greek Salad Dressing Drizzled on Greek Salad

Do you use lettuce in Greek Salad?

NO! You don’t use lettuce and that’s why a good Greek Salad is my favourite! The basic ingredients in a Greek Salad are:

  1. Cucumbers
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Red/purple onion
  4. Black Olive
  5. Feta Cheese

That’s it! Now yes, I put green pepper in my Greek Salad, I like to mess with ingredients and that’s why I don’t call this an authentic Greek salad by any means. I add things here and there depending on what’s in season and more importantly, what’s in my fridge at the time!

 Greek Salad
Greek Salad

This is an excellent recipe to get kids started in the kitchen with their knife skills. There is a lot of dicing, draining of the tomatoes, de-seeding a green pepper, the list goes on with the kitchen skills that can be learned from your kids making this recipe for you – important kitchen skills that this generation is sorely lacking. Yes, I sounded really “old-timer” there, but seriously, I was cooking by 12 and proficiently helping out for dinners  at my house. With two working parents, dinner fell to the kids to help with, excepting my brother who managed to learn no cooking skills at all with two older sisters. Don’t make the same mistake – ALL kids need to learn how to cook, boys included!

Homemade Greek Salad
Homemade Greek Salad

There, that was my lecture for the day. Get the kids in the kitchen.

Now we eat this Greek Salad as a meal, like I had mentioned, but you can also serve this as a side dish. It’s a salad that is higher in calories, but oh those calories are packing a punch with their nutritional value. Have a piece of chicken breast with it for extra protein and call it dinner!

If you want a carbolicious salad, try my Fast and Easy Greek Pasta Salad!

Happy not cooking!



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There is nothing like a classic Greek Salad with Homemade Greek Salad Dressing. This is a great recipe to get your kids to make for dinner! #greeksalad #dressing #homemadedressing #healothy #tomatoes #cucumber #olives #oliveoil #basil #oregano #heathyrecipe #recipe #salads

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