This Seafood Pasta Salad uses cold Atlantic shrimp and crab meat for a delicious summer supper. Fresh garden peas are also a great addition.


Take Me to the Recipe!


I wanted a different kind of pasta salad.  Mine all seem to lean toward the Italian or Greek flavours.  With the heat wave we have been having the seafood theme seemed to be a lighter choice.

This is a great recipe for entertaining.  It is easy, elegant and the quantities are enough to feed a crowd. It also works for a family with lots of leftovers for the next day.  It makes about 14 cups so if you are not feeding a crowd cut it in half!

I love those little frozen cold Atlantic salad shrimp.  They come cleaned, cooked and frozen.  They are creamy and sweet.  If you can find shrimp de Matane, speciality salad shrimp from the Gaspe you are in for a real treat!

I was able to buy real, frozen crab meat at my local fish superstore (Caudle’s Catch in Kitchener) so I was all set.  All I had to cook was the macaroni. Not so bad to do early in the morning of a hot summer day!  It needs a few hours to cool in the fridge and let the flavours meld so win-win on a hot day.  Make ahead in the morning when it’s cool and your work is done!

I also had some fresh garden peas in my fridge that I wanted to use. I like frozen peas, canned peas, any kind of peas really – but fresh from the garden are a real treat.  I steamed them with a tablespoon of water in the microwave on high for 3 minutes.  For the amount that I had they were still partially raw, crunchy and tasty.  I would recommend not over cooking them (not really cooking them at all…not even wrinkly….)

There is no added salt or pepper in this recipe.  The shrimp and crab are almost sweet so I didn’t want to introduce any saltiness.  So.. healthy!  Use light mayonnaise and light sour cream as well to keep it lighter.

I served this salad as part of a  picnic menu.  More on that later!